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My name is Diana Brien and I am the founder of Inspired Life Travel. I am passionate about travel and helping you to create beautiful holiday memories, by taking the stress and hassle out of the tedious (but essential) organising part.

For me, travel has been an essential component in maintaining balance and also perspective in my own life and the thought of sharing my passion with you by being a part of planning your next transformative travel experience genuinely excites me. When I am creating a holiday, I feel as though I am living my purpose by helping others in this regard. I really look forward to connecting with you and helping to inspire your next holiday adventure!

Admittedly, for me growing up, travel had never been a huge priority. However, my first major parent-free trip out of high school is what changed all that. For the mid-year uni semester break, I booked in an organised tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Imagine the overwhelming feeling of delight when second day in, I am aboard a boat sailing amongst the stunningly spectacular islands of Halong Bay. A week later I am meandering through the majestic and humbling temples of Angkor Wat. Wow! This is what I had been missing! I was changed forever!

Fast forward ten (plus) years, having added a husband and two young children to the mix, I now have many more travel destinations and experiences under my belt. In my youth, I naively thought a mortgage and children (in particular) would suspend travel until the golden years of retirement, but this has been a far cry from the reality we have created for ourselves as a family. I firmly believe that exposing our children to different people, cultures and experiences will help to mould them into compassionate, empathetic and respectful global citizens; which is becoming ever so important in these modern times. 

When it comes to family travel (particularly when it involves travelling with young children), I am especially passionate about creating holidays that disconnect children from technology and reconnect families through shared experiences. I would consider arranging well-organised (but not rigidly structured) family travel itineraries to be my speciality. 

Prior to founding Inspired Life Travel, I had successfully established myself in the teaching profession as a primary school teacher. However, I reached a point were I was becoming increasingly tired and burnt out and no longer felt the joy that I once did. I was in desperate need for a change that filled up my cup instead of depleting it. That is why I also love customising packages to suit educators (and other professionals) in desperate need of a bit of RR&R… Rest, Relaxation and Revitalisation! You have been working hard and need a break… I totally get it!

We are so lucky to be living in an age where travel is a possibility. Within 24 hours, we can be virtually anywhere on this beautiful planet of ours. It is a privilege that our ancestors couldn’t even have dreamt of.

As your travel agent, I hope to inspire you take the opportunity and make travel a reality for you and your family. I am committed to creating an amazing, inspired and memorable holiday that you will cherish forever.

I consider it an honour to be a part of your journey and want to make things as smooth and stress-free as possible, so you can truly have an amazing experience. Because that’s what holidays should be all about, right? Let me worry about the finer details, so you don’t have to!

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