Conscious Journeys

Travel can be transformative. But what does that really mean?⁠

Well, travel experiences can awaken the soul. They can bring a new understanding of the world around us and compassion for different cultures and people. Travel allows us to experience personal growth and reconnect with ourselves in a deeper and more profound way.⁠

Bringing about an awareness of this transformative nature of travel is the mission of the Travel With Intention collective of agents, that I am proudly a part of.⁠ Excitingly, Travel With Intention have launched a Conscious Journeys collection of tours. Each journey unique, each journey created in a way to authentically meet the country and its people, each journey a new opportunity to reconnect with yourself and have loads of fun doing it!⁠

Conscious Journeys

Nepal - A conscious Journey in the Clouds

Nepal Tour

10 nights in Nepal taking you from the energy and culture of Kathmandu to the splendour and peace of the Himalayas.

This is Travel With Intention’s first official collaboration with the amazing Love Out Loud movement. It is a thoughtful combination of the transformative aspects of a Himalayan Trek with the power and self reflection that come from the Love Out Loud methodology. Lead and Facilitated by Nicole Gibson – Founder of the Love out Loud Movement –  this experience will be something that goes well beyond your average holiday!

Tour departure date: 5th – 15th October 2020

Croatia - A Conscious Journey of the Senses

8 days of luxury as you cruise down the Croatian Coastline from Split to Dubrovnik. With far too many inclusions to list here, click on the link below and start scrolling through your Croatian Adventure!

Cruise departure date: 11th – 18th September 2021