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Travel Inspiration: Nature

Our beautiful planet Earth, is teeming with an abundance of natural wonders. Whether it be dramatic undulating mountain ranges, dense tropical rainforests or rugged coastlines, there is definitely no shortage of awe-inspiring landscapes to satisfy your travel appetite. If you are inspired by nature, consider Lake Tahoe in the Northern California region (USA), which offers an abundance of hiking, camping and skiing opportunities across the seasons. Or how about heading to Reykjavik (Iceland), to bear witness to the magical natural phenomenon known as Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights). Other suggestions include Plitvice Lakes (Croatia), which enthrals visitors with the expansive beauty of its interconnected turquoise-coloured lakes. Or maybe stay a little closer to home and visit Mount Cook/Aoraki (New Zealand) and meander along the Hooker Valley hiking track.

Travel Inspiration: Art

Art is a form of expression, which can convey deeply-rooted cultural traditions, values and beliefs. Many destinations across the globe have museums that house and safe-keep world renowned artworks and cultural artefacts for visitors to enjoy. If you are an art aficionado, you can explore the many galleries across Europe, including the Lourve in Paris (France), the Uffizi Gallery in Florence (Italy) and the British Museum in London (UK). For an art-appreciation experience off the beaten path, consider a visit to the Northern Mojave Desert (USA), an area formerly populated by early native indigenous tribes, to see the Coso Rock Art. The former indigenous inhabitants created an abundance of ancient petroglyphs, where thousands of visuals have been etched onto the basalt rock faces. For a local experience, why not plan a visit to Melbourne (VIC) to appreciate the diverse and internationally-acclaimed street art that adorns a proliferous amount of laneways and back alleys throughout the major city as well as amongst the outskirts.

Travel Inspiration: Culture

Purposeful travel is largely about immersing yourself in the culture of the destination in which you are travelling. It is important to be genuine in your respect and empathy towards people of different cultures and their way of life, values and traditions. You are a guest in their home country after all! If culture is what inspires you, consider lodging at an ancient Buddhist temple in Mount Koya (Japan). While you are in Japan, you could visit a traditional teahouse in Kyoto to see a geisha, or enjoy a soak at an ancient Japanese bathhouse. Another option is to visit Sri Lanka, a largely underrated travel destination that offers culturally-rich experiences for young and old. Or how about staying local and head to the Australian outback to visit Uluru, the ‘spiritual Heart of Australia’. Here you can immerse yourself in the rich and ancient indigenous culture, through appreciation of story, dance and art.

Travel Inspiration: Food

Surely a holiday is not complete unless you have overindulged a little (or a lot) in the local cuisine. Italy… Need I say more? Italy is a food-lovers paradise, where an indulgence in a daily dose of gelato is a must, particularly during the hot Summer months. Bologna in particular, has a well-deserved reputation as an epicentre of Italian food culture. Maybe even treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience, hunting for truffles at a local family-owned farm and then indulging in a decadent lunch of local delights, perfectly paired with locally sourced, biodynamic wines. Alternatively, what about a hands-on cooking class in Hoi An (Vietnam) instead, where you can learn the secrets to creating mouth-watering traditional Vietnamese dishes to amaze your family and friends back home? Wanting to stay local? Australia has some amazing wine regions including the Hunter Valley (NSW), Margaret River (WA), Mornington Peninsula region (VIC) and Barossa Valley (SA), where you can access the many produce delicacies and delights, which the local region has to offer.

Travel Inspiration: Adventure

If you delight in a holiday that gets your heart racing and blood pumping, there are plenty of destinations that will satisfy your adventure-loving appetite. How about basing yourself at Split (Croatia) and head to the Cetina River for some wild adventure day-trips including canyoning, whitewater rafting and sea kayaking? Or maybe stay more local and visit Queenstown (New Zealand) for a spot of bungee jumping, a luge ride or a rock climbing adventure? Another option to consider is Interlaken (Switzerland), which offers a range of adrenaline-based activities including hang-gliding, zip-lining or a more traditional skiing option.

Travel Inspiration: Relaxation

For most, a holiday is a chance to unwind. It is a chance to get away from the stresses and pressures of everyday life. If relaxation is your travel inspiration, how does a tropical beach-side Hawaiian getaway sound? Whether it’s at the main holiday hotspot, Waikiki, located on the island of O’ahu or at the more remote Kauai island, you have the choice to do a little or a lot. Your holiday, your choice! Or how about staying at a spa resort in Bali or Thailand, which offers cleansing, detox and wellness packages, to revitalise the mind, body and soul? If you are travelling with kids, many South Pacific resort destinations such as Fiji and the Cook Islands are renowned for their outstanding kids-club and nanny/childminding services and facilities; which allows parents a chance to unwind and relax with the peace of mind that their children are in capable hands.

Travel Inspiration: Romance

Holidays are a great way for you to reconnect with your loved ones, especially with your spouse. On a holiday, you are not distracted by, or focused on the mundane routines of everyday life. A holiday snaps you out of this drudgery and allows you the opportunity to focus on rekindling romance in your relationship that may have faded. Picture-perfect destinations are ideal for adding to the overall sense of joy and elation you may wish to cultivate. A romance-inspired trip may also be desired to celebrate a special occasion such as a honeymoon or anniversary. Consider a trip to Bora Bora (French Polynesia) for its stunningly spectacular turquoise-coloured water, set against the backdrop of Mount Otemanu. Another option could be a Winter-time visit to Chamonix (France), to appreciate the beautifully romantic vistas of the Alps. Or you could participate in a ‘milonga’ in Buenos Aires (Argentina), which is a communal tango dancing session, to really enhance a romantic connection.

Travel Inspiration: Wildlife

The fragility of the Earth’s ecosystem needs to be carefully managed and safeguarded by the human population, in order to maintain its delicate balance. Sadly, there are not many places left on Earth that have been unmarked by the human footprint; and many of Earth’s creatures have been affected as a result. However, many destinations are still teeming with a rich biodiversity of wildlife, with strict conservation and tourism policies in place. If you are inspired by wildlife, consider the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) which hosts a rich island paradise of creatures existing in harmony. Or maybe head to the Serengeti (Tanzania), where native beasts strategically roam the land as part of a seasonal mass migration. Or you could visit the Great Barrier Reef (QLD), a beautiful and bountiful marine ecosystem in our own backyard.

Travel Inspiration: Fun

Surely everyone loves a bit of holiday fun and excitement? Whether you’re young, or young-at-heart, holidays are a great excuse to let your hair down and release control, by bringing out your inner kid! For whole family fun, Sentosa Island (Singapore) is the perfect holiday destination choice. With so many attractions all concentrated in the one place including Universal Studios, Adventure Cove WaterPark and S.E.A Aquarium, Sentosa Island truly does have it all! If you have a Lego fanatic in the family, you can easily duck across the border into Malaysia for a night or two, for a stay at Legoland as well. For a local trip, the Gold Coast (QLD) can’t be beat; for it’s theme parks including Sea World, Movie World, Wet’n’Wild and Dreamworld. And for a fun-inspired holiday, Disneyland certainly has to be included on the list! Take your destination pick: California (USA), Florida (USA), Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan), Shanghai (China) and Hong Kong. Described as “The Happiest Place on Earth!”, it sure does live up to its reputation! Disneyland should definitely be on everyone’s holiday bucket list. That is… if fun is what you are after!

Travel Inspiration: History

You may wish to visit a particular destination because of its historical significance. It may be a destination that hosted to a pivotal event in either modern or ancient historical times. Or it may be historically significant because of how the community of people and their culture has evolved over time. Rome (Italy) is a city that is particularly rich in history. Intriguingly, Rome has a myriad of buried underground sites that are worth visiting, which includes an underground labyrinth of catacombs and church crypts, as well as ancient Roman villas and pagan temples. Heading further south, you may want to visit Pompeii (Italy), a town suspended in time. Pompeii was buried under a cloud of volcanic ash upon the eruption of Mount Vesivius in 79 AD. Another option for a history-inspired holiday is to visit Mdina (Malta), which is like stepping back in time, with its narrow alleyways, fortified city walls and beautiful sandstone buildings. Or how about you head to the Normandy region in France, to visit the D-Day beaches, famous WWII battlefields, as well as the American Cemetery and other WWII memorials?

Travel Inspiration: Architecture

A multitude of destinations across the globe feature amazing, awe-inspiring architectural structures and design. The architecture of a location provides insight the historical and cultural context of the time it was created. Are you inspired more by modern or ancient architecture, or equally impressed by both? How about a visit to Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to see modern-day design at its finest, with impressive towering skyscrapers lining the horizon. Or you might prefer to step back further in time and admire the 19th century Gaudi buildings in Barcelona (Spain), which are characteristically quirky and colourful in design. Or how about a visit to the humbling and reverent Angkor Wat Temples (Cambodia), the Colosseum in Rome (Italy) or the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo (Egypt), to truly marvel at humankind’s brilliance and creative capacity.


Travel Inspiration: Giving Back

You may want to devote a trip to helping out a particular community in need. There are many opportunities where you are able to volunteer your time and effort; dedicating it to something meaningful that will have a real impact on other people’s lives. For example, you could head to Siem Reap (Cambodia) to help build houses for a local rural community. Or you could participate in the Borneo Wildlife Volunteer Project, for a chance to work with wild orangutangs and rare pygmy elephants. Another option could be to teach English in Patagonia (Chile) and stay with a local Chilean family for the duration.

Travel Inspiration: Luxury

Are you accustomed to a more opulent lifestyle? Prefer to spend your money on the finer things in life? There are plenty of options for those wishing to splash out and travel in style. If you have the means to afford a totally luxurious holiday, then there is no need to hold back on the best locations, with the finest accommodation, amenities and services. If you are inspired by luxury, how about a penthouse suite at The Plaza New York City (USA); or for something closer to home, how about the Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley (NSW), which is an ultra-luxurious conservation-based resort located in the Heritage-listed Greater Blue Mountains area? From a secluded cliff-top retreat with private butler service, to an overwater bungalow in a tropical island paradise, there really is no limitation to the possibilities available for luxury travel.

Travel Inspiration: Cruising

Touring by day and sailing by night. What better way to transit than by doing it while you sleep comfortably in your cabin, waking up each new day at a different destination. Larger cruise ships have so many activities and entertainment options, that there is always something for everyone. If cruising is what inspires you, where is it you would you like to sail? The South Pacific, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Alaska? Does travelling aboard a large ocean liner sound more appealing? Or would you prefer a smaller, more intimate river cruise? Maybe an Eastern European river cruise from Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Budapest (Hungary)? Or how about a luxury Southeast Asian cruise through Myanmar down the Irrawaddy River? There’s also the option to fly and sail. Fly to your destination and then return by luxury cruise liner. Are you a Sydney-sider? How about a flight to Honolulu (Hawaii) and then sail back home to Sydney?

Travel Inspiration: Shopping

For some people, engaging in a bit of retail therapy is a must on any trip away. Some people might even take an empty suitcase (or two) in order to stock up on treasures to bring back home. If shopping is on your holiday-requirement list, consider Las Vegas (USA), which is a shopping mecca that has retail outlets at both the North and South end of the infamous Strip. Or how about Alberta (Canada) which has a shopping complex that houses the largest indoor amusement facilities including an adventure park, waterpark, ice rink, 18-hole miniature golf course, movie theatre as well as a bowling alley. If cultural shopping experiences are more to your taste, consider Nga Bay (Vietnam) which has a vibrant floating market along the Mekong Delta that comes alive with noise and colour; or Istanbul (Turkey) where the Grand Bazaar buzzes with locals and tourists alike, buying spices, teas and trinkets galore.

So... what has inspired you?

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